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St. Helens School District Honors A Teacher, A Student And A Sports Booster

St. Helens School District Honors A Teacher, A Student And A Sports Booster

Three members of the St. Helens community, an elementary school teacher, a St. Helens High School student and a St. Helens Boosters Club booster, were honored by the St. Helens School District.

School board chair Melody Killens, together with other school board members and Superintendent Scot Stockwell, made the award presentations at their board meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 28.

The board honored Bay Scholl with the Student Community Impact Award.

According to the district, “Bay received this honor in recognition of their unwavering commitment to the Early Learning programs and their willingness to engage with young learners in a fun and interactive manner.”

The district news release continued, “Bay Scholl is an exceptional and dedicated student who consistently goes above and beyond to contribute to our Early Learning programs.”

Receiving the Staff Community Impact Award is Chris Hawkins, who teaches at Lewis & Clark Elementary School.

The district said Hawkins received the award in recognition of his life-saving intervention and for his dedication to the well-being and safety of students.

“Recently, Chris noticed a student in distress and quickly stepped in using the Heimlich Maneuver to rescue the student from the critical situation,” the district noted. “Chris’s heroic life-saving intervention in this emergency reinforces his dedication to the well-being and safety of our students.”

The district added, “Chris is known for his genuine commitment to creating a positive and supportive school community.”

Stan Girard was awarded the Community Impact Award.

“Stan received this honor in recognition of his endless commitment to the St. Helens Boosters Club, St. Helens athletes and the entire St. Helens community.”

The district stated, “Stan Girard has played a pivotal and influential role within the St. Helens Boosters Club since 2014. Known for his unwavering commitment to both service and the athletes of the St. Helens School District, Stan is a passionate supporter of our programs. His enthusiasm is evident through his knowledge of the latest stats and his affinity for offering encouraging words to the athletes.”

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