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Senator Joe Manchin Isn’t Running For President

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia declared on Friday that he will not pursue a presidential run, putting an end to widespread speculation about a potential third-party candidacy.

During remarks at West Virginia University, Manchin firmly stated, “I will not be seeking a third-party run. I will not be involved in a presidential run.” He emphasized his commitment to supporting a presidential candidate who possesses the necessary knowledge, passion, and capability to unite the country.

Despite earlier announcements that he would not seek re-election for his Senate seat, Manchin had not definitively ruled out a presidential bid. His potential candidacy had raised concerns among Democrats, who feared that he could siphon votes away from President Biden and disrupt the electoral landscape.

Manchin’s association with the organization No Labels, which is spearheading a ballot access initiative for an independent bid in November, had fueled speculation about his intentions. However, spokesperson Jon Kott confirmed Manchin’s decision prior to his Friday announcement.

The national co-chairs of No Labels expressed appreciation for Manchin’s efforts to reinforce the “movement for America’s commonsense majority” and indicated ongoing discussions with other potential leaders for a unity ticket.

Having served in the Senate since winning a special election in 2010, Manchin has been a pivotal swing vote, particularly during the closely divided Senate of the Biden administration. Opting out of seeking a third term reflects the challenging political landscape he would face in a deeply conservative state during a presidential election year.

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