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Happening Soon: Scappoose’s Annual Town Hall Meeting


Happening Soon: Scappoose’s Annual Town Hall Meeting

In an effort to engage with the community and provide insight into the City of Scappoose’s accomplishments and priorities, the city will host its Annual Town Meeting.

The meeting will be at 9 a.m. on Apr. 6 in the Scappoose High School Auditorium. The meeting will feature a “State of the City Address” from Mayor Joe Backus and will give community members a chance to meet with local officials. Complimentary coffee and breakfast will be served.

Backus gave insight into what he hopes the meeting will offer community members.

I believe these town meetings are an important way for the city to connect with citizens by explaining what is happening in the city regarding infrastructure projects and answer questions the community may have,” Backus said. “It is also a good way for other nonprofits, community groups, and governmental agencies to participate. They will be there engaging the community as well answering questions.”

Backus said that he will use the State of the City Address to outline the city’s accomplishments from the past year and go over the infrastructure projects that the city is working on. Backus said they hope to finish some of the projects this year. Backus also noted that he will give an update on the search for a permanent city manager.

One topic that has been simmering is the city’s ongoing process of exploring a potential partnership with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). The city has paused the process of selecting a new police chief until the city council concludes its process of exploring contracted police services with CCSO.

In a post on the city’s Facebook page Jan. 19, City Councilor Kim Holmes outlined that exploring a partnership with CCSO could help the city ensure service levels and support Scappoose’s goal of having 24/7 coverage.

Backus gave an update on where the process stands.

“We are planning on going over phase 2 of discovery regarding 24/7 police coverage, including partnering with CCSO or keeping our city police department at our Mar. 18 council meeting, but right now, we are still collecting some data, so we may be pushing it out to the Apr. 1 council meeting if we cannot get the needed information by early next week,” Backus said in an interview with the Chronicle & Chief Mar. 8.

Backus did not say whether he would discuss the matter during his State of the City Address. Backus said that the meeting is a good way for members of the community to meet their elected officials and city staff.

“It allows for their voices to be heard in a larger setting where more people can participate, versus individual emails and phone calls,” Backus said.

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