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Cowlitz County McDonald’s Stabbing Suspect Who Attacked Father, Son Sentenced To 22 Years

Cowlitz County McDonald's Stabbing Suspect Who Attacked Father, Son Sentenced To 22 Years

The 19-year-old Longview man who was part of a violent assault on a father and his teenage son outside the Kelso McDonald’s last month was sentenced to over 20 years Tuesday afternoon.

Kamrin Alexander Kerr pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree assault and felony harassment for his involvement, said Cowlitz County Prosecuting Attorney Ryan Jurvakainen.

The Jan. 27 attack on Clifton R. Shober, 43, and his teen son, left both suffering stab wounds after Shober saw Kerr striking a woman and attempted to intervene.

Shober, who attended the hearing in the small Cowlitz County Jail courtroom, told The Daily News the family is happy with the outcome, which prosecutors consulted them on prior to the hearing.

In addition to the 22 years in prison handed down, Kerr was also sentenced to three years of community custody as part of his legal proceedings. His negotiated agreement included an exceptional sentence, allowing for up to 90 months on each of counts one through four, with counts one and two to be served consecutively, totaling 180 months. This stringent sentencing underscores the severity of the crimes committed.

The physical toll of the altercation was devastating, as evidenced by court documents detailing Shober’s injuries. He underwent surgery to remove part of his intestines due to the stabbing, highlighting the brutality of the attack. Furthermore, Shober’s son suffered a partial lung collapse, further compounding the trauma inflicted on their family. The long-term repercussions of such injuries extend far beyond the initial incident, impacting the victims’ physical and emotional well-being for years to come.

Meanwhile, Kerr’s co-arrestee, Zachary Eric Beltran, a 17-year-old from Longview, finds himself facing his own legal battles. With two counts of first-degree assault pending against him, Beltran’s future hangs in the balance as he awaits his day in court. The community remains gripped by the aftermath of this violent event, grappling with the unsettling reality of such acts occurring within their midst. As the legal proceedings unfold, they serve as a stark reminder of the importance of justice and accountability in ensuring the safety and security of all individuals within society.

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