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Construction scheduled near Columbia View Park

Construction scheduled near Columbia View Park

St. Helens residents are all too familiar with construction disruptions, and the story stays the same as work gears up near Columbia View Park.

Starting March 18, construction for the Cowlitz Street turnaround will enter a new phase in a continuation of city efforts toward riverfront improvements .

Working on the southern wall of the Columbia View Park concrete viewing platform, the city will see closures for the platform and the sidewalk along the south side of the park.

The street parking row adjacent to the upper viewing deck curb on Strand Street will also be closed during this construction phase, with the exception of the middle row of parking.

“A portion of fencing along the riverbank next to the splash pad will be removed so that people can access the Riverfront Property walking path from inside the park,” the city of St. Helens said in a release. “The path can also be accessed from the south end of Strand Street.”

During this phase of work, Columbia View Park, the playground, splash pad, Riverfront Property walking path and the center row of street parking will all remain open.

Those with ADA accessibility concerns about Columbia View Park or the Riverfront Property walking path can contact the St. Helens Engineering Division at [email protected] .

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