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Construction Anticipated At Intersection Of First, St. Helens Streets


Construction Anticipated At Intersection Of First, St. Helens Streets

More construction is anticipated to start soon in St. Helens as the city redevelops its historic Riverfront District.

A contract was awarded for the underground utility work on South First and St. Helens Street during a city council meeting on Wednesday, March 6.

According to city officials, Lake Oswego-based Landis and Landis Construction, LLC will begin work soon in the first of two development phases.

“Landis and Landis will have until June 30 to substantially complete their portion of the work: the underground utility work,” the city said in a newsletter. “Utility installation will be completed in sections with different portions of the streets and sidewalks being closed during each phase of work.”

Once Landis and Landis completes its job, Moore Excavation, Inc — the city’s contractor for the Streets and Utilities Extension Project — will begin the second portion of work, including paving the intersection, as well as pouring curbs and sidewalks. Additionally, Moore will install light poles, benches and other “streetscape features.”

While developments are underway, detours will be placed to ensure that traffic and pedestrians can still access the Riverfront District.

At this time, St. Helens officials are working with the construction company to develop traffic control plans and inform residents as soon as possible. Noting the major construction happening as the city revitalizes its Riverfront District , the city said that it will announce updates swiftly through its newsletter.

Although an exact date for when developments will start has not been determined, the city said to expect developments within the next two weeks.

Those with questions about the city’s continued Water Redevelopment Projects can reach out to staff at [email protected] .

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