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Celestial Experiences Travel From Louisiana

In a little over two weeks fans of celestial experiences will travel from Louisiana, across the Sabine River into central and northern Texas for what is anticipated to be the experience of a lifetime. Many Louisiana residents from Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Alexandria will make their way to communities near Austin, Dallas, and Big Sandy to experience the sights, sounds, and spirituality of the April 8th Solar Eclipse.

Many communities in Texas will be in the “path of totality” when the moon’s shadow usurps the sun’s rays before they can reach the surface of the Earth. By all accounts, the April 8th eclipse is going to be much more “than a big deal”. It’s going to be epic and hopefully for the right reasons.

Several Texas counties have already issued “emergency advisories” ahead of the April 8th phenomenon. There is a legitimate concern that infrastructure in many Texas communities could be stretched thin and compromised by the throngs of skywatchers expected to descend on the area. One county manager even suggested there could be “a shortage of food and fuel” as restaurants and gas stations are overwhelmed by the sheer size of the crowds.

Besides Special Glasses, Proper Clothing Should Be Worn for the Eclipse

If you do plan on observing the eclipse in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or any of the other states in the path of totality make sure you have the proper eyewear and eye protection. Eclipse glasses tend to be in short supply the closer the calendar moves to the event, so secure those now while there is still time.

And since you’re planning your wardrobe for the event you should know that experts who follow eclipses have some serious suggestions about what you need to wear on the rest of your body.

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