NASHVILLE, Ga. – Last Friday and Saturday night, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) brought its show to Nashville, Georgia.

As the oldest and largest professional rodeo-sanctioning body globally, participants earn points toward the Annual National Championships in Las Vegas. Proceeds from this event support the Berrien County Chamber of Commerce in promoting small businesses through grants and enhancing the local business climate.

CBS 44 News was on the scene for more details.

“We’re excited tonight. Tonight is the first night of our rodeo here in Nashville. It’s our 15th annual rodeo. It brings in about 2500 people to our county. It’s a lot of fun. The economic impact from this event is huge on our community. It brings in thousands of dollars to our local restaurants, gas stations. It’s just going to have this many people in Berrien county,” said Ashley McMahan, Chairman, Berrien County Chamber of Commerce.

“This rodeo is one of the three rodeos in Georgia. There’s only three. There’s Ringgold, Georgia, and Perry, Georgia, and this rodeo right here in Nashville, Georgia. That are PRCA sanctioned rodeo”, said Carlee Bell Duncan, Miss Rodeo Georgia 2024.

Here comes your flag of the United States of America in all its own glory…

“And, we’re going to be in the arena tonight with the dousing just fueled by the electricity and the folks here in Berrien county, Nashville, Georgia. They’re always really responsive. And, there’s a lot of horse folks in this area that know a lot about the equine events, and we just want to have a big time with them,” said Alan Moorhead, Professional Rodeo Announcer.

Taking their home.

“Now there are standings. Yes. And it’s based on money won. So, money won determines if your first or if you’re 30th or if you’re a 60th. It’s and everyone’s together. Everyone in in each individual event is ranked together. And, so, they take the top 15 in the world to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. It’s like the super bowl of rodeo, you could call it,” said Duncan.

One of the great ones…

“The significance of this event this weekend is the fact that we have the Berrien County Chamber of Commerce. A lot of this money goes right back into the community for a lot of things that they do with that. And, it’s really a way to support the community, a way to support the cowboys and cowgirls and professional rodeo. I mean, this is a sport that was made by Americans for Americans from a working way of life. There’s a lot of work ethic from ranch work included in a lot of this. And, I’ve been talking about tonight as the announcer of this rodeo,” said Moorhead.