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Tax Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters: Montgomery County Implements Real Estate Rebate Program

Montgomery County has introduced a groundbreaking real estate rebate program to alleviate financial burdens for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, offering substantial tax benefits for volunteer firefighters. The initiative, spearheaded by Montgomery County Commissioners, aims to recognize the invaluable contributions of first responders while providing tangible support for their dedication and service.

Montgomery County (PA) Authorizes Real Estate Tax Rebate Program for Volunteer Firefighters, EMS Personnel
Tax Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters: Montgomery County Implements Real Estate Rebate Program (Photo from: NewsBreak)

Rebate Program Overview

Under the Active Volunteer Real Estate Tax Rebate Ordinance, eligible participants stand to receive significant tax benefits for volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel. Vice Chairwoman Jamila Winder unveiled the program during a recent board conference, highlighting its potential to ease the financial strain these essential community members face.

To qualify, individuals must hold residency in Montgomery County and actively serve in a fire company or not-for-profit EMS agency within the county limits. Furthermore, participants must have no outstanding county real estate tax bills or assessments to be eligible for the rebate.

The rebate amount is contingent upon a point-based system outlined in the ordinance, emphasizing various activities crucial to emergency response and community engagement. Points are awarded for responding to calls, engaging in training, participating in outreach and educational endeavors, and assuming leadership roles within the organization. Individuals must accumulate a minimum of 50 points to qualify for any rebate. The structure grants a 25 percent tax rebate for 50 points, 50 percent for 100 points, 75 percent for 150 points, and a total 100 percent rebate for 200 points.

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Accessibility and Further Information

Online application and eligibility requirements for the tax benefits for volunteer firefighters are expected within two months. Visitors to can get program updates and more.

Montgomery County‘s innovative real estate rebate program represents a commendable effort to support and honor the selfless contributions of volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel. By providing tangible tax benefits, the initiative recognizes these individuals’ vital role in safeguarding the community’s well-being and ensuring public safety.

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