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Scappoose Schools Enhance Security After Non-Credible Snapchat Threat

Scappoose Schools Enhance Security After Non-Credible Snapchat Threat

Scappoose School District heightened its security Friday after a vague threat surfaced on Snapchat, with officials and law enforcement quick to address concerns assuring that the safety risk to students was minimal.

According to KOIN, Superintendent Tim Porter emphasized, “We understand that situations like these can be concerning, but please be assured that we are taking all necessary steps to address the situation and maintain a safe learning environment for everyone.”

While the original post did not specify a target within the district, and investigators have largely dismissed the threat as not credible police continue their vigilance across local schools, the apparent lack of credibility did little to prevent the ripple of worry among parents and staff, and the district’s offices have remained open for those seeking further information.

Despite the uptick in law enforcement presence, which was felt across all of Columbia County’s school districts classes proceeded without interruption on Friday.

The chilling effect of the Snapchat scare extended beyond Scappoose, as the entirety of Columbia County’s school districts remained on high alert throughout the day.

The Chronicle Online reported that Clatskanie School District Superintendent Danielle Hudson announced, “the threat that all Columbia County School Districts were made aware of this morning has been addressed, and that threat is no longer a concern.”

Recounting the events, responses from officials were gathered and reflected a concerted and unified approach throughout the county, marking a prompt resolution to the security scare, and while the origin of the threat remains under investigation educational activities returned to normalcy quickly with the reassurance by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office of the situation’s control, as further detailed by Columbia County Spotlight.

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