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Police Blotter: Five Arrests Made In St. Helens


Police Blotter: Five Arrests Made In St. Helens

The police blotter relates to the public record of incidents as reported by law enforcement agencies. All individuals arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Information printed is preliminary and subject to change. For specific details about cases listed, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

St. Helens Police

February 27

• Police arrested a male subject on simple assault at the 2000 block of Old Portland Road.

February 28

• Police arrested a 43-year-old male subject on a fugitive warrant at 1600 Old Portland Road.

March 1

• Police arrested a male subject on a fugitive warrant at the 200 block of 18th Street.

March 2

• Police arrested a 48-year-old male subject on a fugitive warrant at the 500 block of Columbia River Highway.

• Police arrested a 35-year-old female subject on reckless driving near Columbia River Highway.

• Police responded to a hit-and-run at the 2000 block of Old Portland Road.

March 3

• Police responded to a weapons or other at the 300 block of North Vernonia Road.

• Police took a report on fraud at the 200 block of Brayden Street.

Rainier Police Department

February 28

• Officers responded to a two-vehicle, non-injury accident on East 3rd Street. The drivers exchanged information, and one driver was issued a citation for driving uninsured.

• Officers checked on a complaint of an abandoned vehicle. The owner agreed to move the vehicle.

• A reportedly suspicious vehicle was checked on and found to be okay. The vehicle was parked on private property.

• Officers observed a motorist who was having difficulty maintaining their vehicle in the lane of travel. Officers stopped the vehicle, conducted an investigation, and the driver was taken into custody on suspicion of DUII.

February 29

• A bar called to report an unwanted, intoxicated woman. The woman had left prior to officer arrival. The reporting party agreed to call dispatch if the woman returned.

• A caller was worried about the welfare of a woman. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate anyone matching the description of the woman.

March 1

• An employee at a gas station reported a woman was asking for drugs at their establishment. She had left the premises.

March 2

• An officer responded to a call reporting an open door at the RV Center. The building was checked and cleared.

March 3

• A caller was worried about the welfare of a person in a running vehicle that was in a parking lot. The occupant was fine and just resting.

March 4

• An employee at the credit union found a duffel bag in their parking lot. No one was in the area, and the bag was turned in as found property.

• An employee at a restaurant reported that an unknown man walked in with a toy AK47 and then left. The man did not say or do anything and had left the building.

March 5

• An officer responded to an alarm at a local restaurant. The building was found to be secure, and it is unknown what activated the alarm.

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