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Leon County’s Sports Bar In Tallahassee Temporarily Closed

Leon County’s Cancun’s Sports Bar in Tallahassee Temporarily Closed Due to 8 Health Violations.

Leon County's Sports Bar In Tallahassee Temporarily Closed

Cancun’s Sports BarPhoto byInstagram / Canva

Cancun’s Sports Bar, known for its vibrant mix of Mexican and American cuisine among the locals, faced a temporary closure following a routine inspection by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation on February 14, 2024.

The inspection revealed 8 total health violations, including one high-priority issue that prompted an emergency closure recommendation at the restaurant located at 2549 W Tennessee St in Leon County.

What did the inspection report reveal?

The high-priority violation that led to the temporary closure involved sewage/wastewater backing up through floor drains in the bar area, posing a significant health risk.

The issue, observed in front of the bar cooler, resulted in sewage water running from behind the bar to the front, where customers are seated. This critical finding prompted immediate action to protect public health.

In addition to the high-priority violation, three intermediate violations were noted, including an inaccessible handwash sink due to the storage of cleaning utensils and straws.

The inspector’s note also noted unapproved renovations without a submitted and approved plan review and a lack of required state-approved employee training documentation for some employees.

These issues highlight areas where Cancun’s Sports Bar needs to focus its corrective efforts to meet health and safety standards.

Meanwhile, basic violations were also identified during the inspection, including the non-display of the current Hotel and Restaurant license, standing water in the kitchen area, an open or broken grease receptacle lid, and an open dumpster lid.

These findings point to the need for improvements in the restaurant’s overall maintenance and sanitation practices.

Despite the temporary closure, Cancun’s Sports Bar has a strong local appeal, with over 9,000 followers on Facebook and a solid 4.0-star rating from 1,053 reviews on Google.

The establishment is well-regarded for its lively atmosphere, quality food offerings, and dedication to providing a great dining experience.

The management is focused on addressing the identified violations promptly to resume operations and continue serving the Tallahassee community.

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