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Green Thumbs Can Apparently Unite At Weekend At Veterans Park

Green Thumbs Can Apparently Unite At Weekend At Veterans Park

If you want to put your green thumbs to work this weekend, you’ll have a chance on Saturday, March 2.

The Scappoose Bay Watershed Council is holding a volunteer work party at Veterans Park in Scappoose.

Taylor Theel, project manager with the council, said the volunteer work party runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“We have a restoration project that has been ongoing for quite a few years now,” Theel said. “The main focus for this Saturday is going to be moving mulch. We want to cover as much of the grass around our plantings as possible, so the grass doesn’t end up choking out any of these plants. It goes the same as far as covering the weeds.”

Theel said volunteers will also be involved in daylighting.

“Daylighting is essentially weeding,” she said, noting that mulch is formed in the shape of a volcano around the base of these plants.

“Over time, the weeds and grass start to grow through that area, so when we go in, we’re going to take clippers and other hand tools, and take out anything that is grown within that volcano area,” Theel said. “Those weeds and grass, they’re reaching for light, but what they’re really doing is choking out the base of our plants, which then causes a lot of risk as far as survival for these plants.”

Volunteers will meet at the park’s covered gazebo, near the parking lot.

“We’ll go over everything that we’re going to be doing, then we’ll walk over to the area that we’re working on. We’ll do hands-on examples before having everybody start,” she said.

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