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Determining Land In Massachusetts Can Be Tremendously Expensive Now

Author Bill Gassett owns Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

In Massachusetts real estate, determining a property’s value is crucial for buyers and sellers. Various metrics offer insights into a property’s worth, guiding investment and purchasing decisions.

Among these, Price Per Square Foot is a widely used measure. However, other valuation metrics like appraisals, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and online home value estimators also play significant roles.

I will compare these valuation tools, highlighting their applications, benefits, andLAND

limitations. I will let the cat out of the bag right away, though.

Using price per square to value a home is a significant mistake. Whether you are a buyer or selling, you need to avoid this metric for valuation. It only works in limited circumstances, such as cookie-cutter properties.

Determining Land In Massachusetts Can Be Tremendously Expensive Now

Price Per Square Foot

Definition and Calculation: Working as a Realtor, many people have asked me what price per square foot in real estate means. Maximum Real Estate Exposure sums it up nicely.

Price Per Square Foot calculates a property’s cost relative to its size. It’s obtained by dividing the sale price by the property’s total square footage. This metric simplifies comparisons between properties.

Applications and Advantages: It’s instrumental in initial property assessments, offering a quick comparison tool. It helps buyers and investors gauge market trends and identify value propositions. It can help provide median values in a given area.

Limitations and Considerations: PPSF doesn’t account for location, property condition, or unique features. These factors can significantly affect a property’s value, making this metric less reliable in diverse markets.

Imagine comparing a home in your town’s most popular neighborhood against another less desirable one. If the PPSF were at “X” in the desirable neighborhood, that would not translate well to a property in a less attractive area.


If you want to know the value of your Massachusetts home, this is usually the most precise method. Is it possible an appraisal can be wrong? Sure, but less likely in most circumstances.

Drawbacks and Comparison with Price Per Square Foot: While appraisals offer depth, they can be time-consuming and costly.

Unlike the straightforward calculation of Price Per Square Foot, appraisals require professional judgment, making them less accessible for quick assessments.

Comparative Market Analysis

Definition and Components: Real estate professionals perform a CMA to estimate a property’s value based on similar, recently sold properties in the same area. It considers factors like size, location, and features to estimate current market value.

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