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Cowlitz County Sheriff Launches Manhunt for Suspect in Violent Home Invasions

Cowlitz County Sheriff Launches Manhunt for Suspect in Violent Home Invasions

An episode of violence and theft has rocked the community of Longview, Washington, as authorities are currently on the hunt for a suspect involved in a series of home invasions.

According to KOIN, the first of these incidents occurred around 8:30 a.m. when a man allegedly broke into a residence and violently attacked the homeowner upon being interrupted.

The assailant then commandeered the victim’s car, initiating a frightening crime spree across Cowlitz County.

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office has issued an urgent call for public assistance after the suspect’s subsequent break-in on the 4200 block of Pacific Way, where he reportedly stole clothes before evading law enforcement, the hunt is still very much active.

A Cowlitz County K9 tracked the suspect’s scent, only to lose the trail within blocks of the secondary crime scene.

Officials have voiced that the individual is wanted for crimes including kidnapping, burglary, and vehicle theft, as KPTV reported.

The sheriff’s deputies have been canvassing the area for leads and have requested residents, primarily those in the West Beacon Hill neighborhood and surrounding areas, to check their security footage for any clues that could expedite the capture of the fugitive.

This appeal extends to any person who might have seen the abandoned stolen car on Columbia Heights Road, as mentioned in the initial report by KOIN.

While details on the victim’s injuries have not been disclosed, the impact of the invasion and attack has certainly left the Longview community on high alert, amplifying a collective determination to safeguard their neighborhood. Local authorities continue to underscore the importance of community vigilance and cooperation during this unsettling time, affirming that resident awareness is crucial in avoiding potential future incidents. Anyone with information is urged to immediately contact the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, as per details provided by BNN Breaking News.

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