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Charged with Assault: Wife and Daughter of John Gotti Jr. Accused in High School Game Altercation

At a high school basketball game in Long Island, Kimberly Gotti, 55, and her daughter Gianna Gotti, 25, have been charged with assault following a physical altercation with another woman. The incident occurred during a match where John Gotti Jr.’s son, Joseph, played for Oyster Bay High School against Locust Valley High School. The altercation has drawn significant attention due to the familial ties to the notorious New York mob figure, John “Dapper Don” Gotti.

Wife, daughter of ex-mobster John Gotti Jr. charged with attacking woman at Long Island high school - Yahoo Sports
Charged with Assault: Wife and Daughter of John Gotti Jr. Accused in High School Game Altercation (Photo from: Yahoo Sports)

Confrontation Erupts at High School Game

Eyewitnesses at the game reported that the confrontation arose when the woman confronted Kimberly and Gianna Gotti about their behavior, allegedly cursing at players from the bleachers

According to court documents, the situation quickly escalated, with the woman claiming that the Gottis physically assaulted her, including pulling off her hat and wig, causing her significant distress.

The woman recounted feeling as though her scalp was being ripped off during the altercation, which culminated in her being knocked to the ground by additional individuals who joined in the fray. These allegations have led to both Kimberly and Gianna Gotti being charged with assault, a third-degree assault.

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Disputed Accounts and Legal Proceedings

John Gotti Jr. has vehemently defended his family, asserting that the woman initiated the violence by assaulting his wife first. He stated to reporters that the altercation unfolded as a result of the woman throwing a punch that struck Kimberly Gotti in the head. Despite the conflicting narratives, both parties are set to appear in Nassau District Court on March 6 to address the charges brought against them.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the incident has sparked discussions about the conduct of individuals at school events and the ramifications of resorting to violence in such settings. The involvement of individuals with ties to organized crime has added layer of intrigue to the unfolding story.

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