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Available Now: Former St. Helens Resident Publishes 5th Book


Available Now: Former St. Helens Resident Publishes 5th Book

During World War II fighter pilots who shot down five enemy planes earned the title of ace. Rusty Bradshaw is now an ace in book publishing.

A fifth book written by Bradshaw, a former St. Helens resident, is now available for purchase on multiple platforms.

“Death in Hazard” was produced by Amazon Book Publications. The book is available in paperback and ebook versions on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The book is also available on Bradshaw’s own website at and nearly 40 other outlets.

“This story, inspired by the Richard Marx song ‘Hazard,’ had been buzzing around in my head for a few years,” Bradshaw said. “I believed there was more of a story there.”

“Death in Hazard” is a thriller with plenty of twists and turns throughout.

Curtis Herden has seen plenty of traumatic events in his first seven years of life. His father died in a drill rig accident, his mother, Bonnie, was briefly jailed for the murder of his stepfather and he watched a man who was harassing his mother get shot to death in a parking lot.

After all that, Bonnie decided, with the urging of the sheriff and her attorney, they needed to leave their southeast Wyoming home and to start a new life in a small town in central Nebraska.

Though he struggled to make friends, and was tormented by one particular bully. Curtis thrived in school and set his sights on being a farmer. One summer he met a girl his own age and they became best friends. With her encouragement, he came further out of the protective shell he had constructed around himself.

However, when Mary disappears late one night, the community’s suspicion falls on Curtis.

About Rusty Bradshaw

Bradshaw’s other four books are “The Rehabilitation of Miss Little,” “Moist on the Mountain,” “Gorge Justice” and “Battle for Stephanie.” Visit

Bradshaw is a journalist of 40 years, now retired and focusing on his novels and other pursuits. In the final years of his journalism career he edited weekly newspapers in the retirement communities of Sun City and Sun City West. He remains active in Sun City, currently serving on the Sun City Community Assistance Network’s board of director. In Arizona he also worked for newspapers in Surprise, Peoria, Scottsdale and Cave Creek.

At Eastern Oregon University he worked on the student newspaper, the Beacon, and served two stints as sports information director, then a part-time student position. He also coached T-ball and volunteered for the Big Brother Big Sister program.

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